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Let me tell you a story

I’d like to tell you why Zephyr rebranded. It’s a story that will likely chime with many businesses – they felt their identity no longer reflected who they were. It was too baggy, the colours were wrong, it felt like an identity a little sister might wear.

So the team immersed themselves in themselves, and drilled down into how they’d like to be seen and heard. They hung out at a car fair, went for a surf and lost themselves in the sound of the sea. They took a long hard look at their work, observed each other in meetings, talked about their clients and target market, a lot.

The conclusions they came to were that they’re a confident agency, simple and bold, with an assured know how. Proud of their work and sought after by clients, they build relationships that last.

The team’s inspiration comes from the landscape and sea, sportsmen and women striving to reach the top of their game, design that’s timeless and admired world over.

And now the team are confident their brand says ‘Zephyr’. I can honestly say it feels like them – no messing, straight up, can do. It has an integrity, and you know what, it was delivered on time and on budget. Yup, it’s Zephyr to the core.

I’ve been privileged to word on the agency’s brand strategy, tone of voice, website, PR, and marketing material.


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