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Those little things

Blimey, it’s winter,
The nights have closed in,
And life seems that little bit tougher.

Now, where are those moments,
That make us go “Mmmm,
I like the dark damp cold.”

Try wrapping those arms,
Around a soul you love,
Feel the heartbeat of another.

Or step out the door,
And be with the earth
The racing pulse of our Mother.

Go watch the sea,
And run through the sand,
Breathe some life into your wings.

Spice up your dinner,
Make it warm, make it soft,
Enjoy the comfort it brings.

Feel the pleasure
Of sinking down
In a tub of bath time bliss.

Or sip on some red,
Some deep red wine,
That thaws our frosted lips.

Wish on a star,
Ask for those dreams,
Universe, send us what may.

Then tuck up early
Be in bed before nine
And let night fall away from the day.

those little things

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A playful story seeker, Pip helps businesses communicate better.

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