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A daily 24 word advent

1 December

Nauseous nostalgia,
Brought to life on screen.
Inspiring us to squander,
Prompting me to scream.

A bear, a hare, doleful eyes,
Distasteful snowy scene.

2 December

Mindless headspace,
Familiar comfort,
The white noise of radio.
Offering everything,
And nothing.
So nice.

“I wish it could be Christmas, every day…”

3 December

Single drifts into barren solitude.
Loneliness storms into black ice.
So quickly there falls a blizzard of isolation.
Christmas is dreach when you’re single.

4 December

Everywhere I look.

Overflowing menus,
Detailed plates.

Bellies bursting,
Shirts full.

Chubby wrappers,
Empty fingers.

Trolleys winning,
Indulgence toppling.

Everywhere I look,

5 December

To give a present that one detests,
But knows their dearest will love,
The Art of Giving.

Find me someone who has nailed it.

6 December

Squishy expandable snowflake
Gold, shot red
Kaleidoscope complexity.

Drooping from rafters
In every town hall
Garland-like, but not.

The decoration with no name.

7 December

Steaming mince pies
Holly with berries
Mulled cider and turkeys
It’s farm shop frenzy.

Could I simply have
Some eggs, milk, and a bap?

8 December

No room in the papers for tat
No spreads on festive bounty
Instead they tell the spellbinding story
Of how Mandela inspired us all.

9 December

What an effort
Being grumpy old scrooge
I’m feeling too darned happy
For this Christmas abuse.

Simple new strategy
Let the damn thing in.

10 December

Some fairy lights sit in the kitchen
White globes, bought from Ikea
My feeble attempt at a decoration
If I actually put them up.

11 December

I don’t think so.

Pushing beyond comfort
Challenging every nook
Opening so much it hurts.

Unpacking 36 years,
Yoga ain’t easy.

12 December

With sand in her sleep,
And longing in that yawn,
She aims for my heart,

Puppy love –
Fairytale bliss,
Like Santa,
But real.

13 December





14 December

Murray challenges the BBC
Nigela takes on Saatchi
X Factor battles with Strictly
A&E struggles with reality
And Freddie lost Bear at the beach.

15 December

Mince pie or flapjack
Mulled wine or Guinness
Fairy lights or candle
Knitwear or sweatshirt
Sinatra or Kirsty Young
December or any other month?

16 December

The year’s closing credits
Scroll down my screen
Gentle reminders
Of unfulfilled dreams.
Mislaid compassion
That features too.
A bumpy awakening
Pip’s annual review.

17 December

Yogic fracking
Causes dizziness
And nausea
As it cleanses.

Loved or hated
Always turbulent
Leaving behind
Damaged debris.

Shattering, shifting,
Lifting, clearing.

18 December

Perhaps I’ll move to Paris
Flash back to the twenties
Meet Hemingway, Picasso
Fall in love, do the Charleston
Be awakened by the rain.

19 December

Today is an orange day
Buddy, matt, book
Mirth, lightness, mischief
Lunch, Pears, lilies
Play, conversation, pretend

An Irn Bru kind of a day.

20 December

As dusk falls
On our yoga retreat
My body channels
Fresh energy
New breath
A strong disposition
For the challenging time
That is Christmas.

21 December

Solstice party
Proper excited
Present chosen
County crossed
Arrived smiling
Immediately snubbed
Engine failed
Hostile guest
Exit urge
Back home
Loving comfort
Highland Park.

22 December

Marshmallow head
Feverish limbs
Big old tonsils.

A broken down car
Unhappy battery
She’s confuddled.

How the ****
Will she drive
To Scotland tomorrow?

23 December

Every year
We give to those we love
Every year
We receive unexpected gifts
Every year

Garbled excuses from the ones that didn’t buy.

24 December

Sky overflowing with wind
While roads rattle empty
Phone buzzing with concern
While happy tunes beat loud.
A Christmas of contrasts
So lovingly painful.

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