Monthly archives of “May 2014

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Dentist by numbers

One filling Two crowns Three root canals Four exponential bills Five tidy nurses Six anaesthetics Seven screaming nerves Eight million rupees Nine dental appointments Ten consolatory beers. Must haveĀ skipped maths to buy sweets.

A Balinese understanding

This morning I rose with the sun and practiced yoga in a bikini, frangipani falling on my mat. Afterwards I plunged into a shaded pool and devoured three passion fruit. With no grand plan for the start of my day, the beauty of Bali simply… Read More

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Thank you mister tomcat

Monday was a glorious day. As I practiced yoga on my Balinese balcony, the sun drizzled up over the ocean, bringing with it a honey glow that buzzed right across the paddy fields, and swallowed up every last drop of my Cornish winter. The geckos… Read More

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Let me be ink

I share my thoughts on love, softly. Tell me, how do these words fall? How potent is their playful dance, As they surrender to the unknown? I know, for some, my words just scratch, As pencil meets with hemp. A mismatched pair, not ready yet,… Read More