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It’s a rat’s life

Scurrying along
Sun-kissed pavements,
Weaving amongst
Tropical drains,
Dozing by Buddha,
Sleeping in temples,
Our life in Bali ‘aint much of a strain.

Daily we dance
The bamboo baskets,
Ceremonial beauty
Laid bare on the street,
Generous offerings
For Hindu deities,
Cheers, supreme ones, pukka feast.

Often we choose
To scatter petals,
A rodent style
Of sacrifice.
Dusting the path
With pungent incense,
While devouring coconut rice.

Colourful gifts
Divined each morning
Bountiful flowers,
Food and love.
A nourishing worship
For Shiva, Shakti…
And yours truly, The Rat.
Sort of.

It's a rat's life

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