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Sensing the elements

Listen for the space in your heart
Hear the freedom of your soul
Notice the cricks in your spine
Feel the gaps around your toe.

Listen for the echoes in your life
Hear the empty of the day
Open your ears to the moment
And the space it brings your way.

Feel the air on your skin
Touch love with your whole
Enjoy the tickle of a movement
Sense the breeze as you stroll.

Feel the wind that fills your lungs
Touch every speeding moment
Let out your billowing sail
So the air can make it potent.

See your fire in its fury
Watch the heat as it calms
Observe your sweat releasing
Dripping chest, clammy palms.

See your passion burning crimson
Watch as lust and charcoal meet
Notice the day’s fading embers
As sunset stills its beat.

Taste the rain on your tongue
Quench the thirst of today
Drink up an overflowing life
As it floods through your veins.

Taste the nectar of compassion
Quench desire with a kiss
Bathe in an ocean of surprises
Floating towards its natural bliss.

Smell the earth beneath you
Inhale the fragrance, and its depth
Sense mud’s texture on your soles
Let it ground your every breath.

Smell the onion as it sizzles
Inhale the stillness of the night
Take in the classic scent
Of life being baked just right.

Sensing the elements

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