Monthly archives of “October 2014

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Heart storm

Walking through my very own spring meadow, In wintertime. More buds than blades, Blossom richer than ’76. A verdant softness wraps me up with a smile, As I bounce barefoot. Hello? A colourful lightness breezes by, Chased by screaming cymbals, and thunderous drum. You’re not welcome.… Read More

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Sculpting with an angel

This is a poem is inspired by the Spanish sculptor Alberto Germán. I had the joy of meeting him on a recent Dark Angels writing course in Andalucía, and he shared his creative process. He described the feeling of losing himself whilst sculpting, the complete… Read More

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Birth day

Antiseptic corridors, Weapon stacked trolleys, Shoes that squeak. Overworked midwives, Morphine on tap, Clipboards with crosses. Soft nurturing belly, Heartbeat of darkness, Goodbye. Screaming strip lights, Rush of sweaty air, Scarlet blood. Snip. Splash. Scrubbed sterile. Hello baby. Scrutinised, passed around, Cooed at. Then laid… Read More