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If I had just one more year

Month one – Memory detox

Gathering together those I love, we’d capture our beauty, and let go of the pain,
Before starting afresh with over ambitious plans of mad, memorable, sensational play,
Every goddamn day.

Month two – Unconditional love

Listening to the beat of your heart, opening mine to match its irregularity,
Hearing what you need to share, valuing your everything,
Easing your beat to a gentle melody.

Month three – Share my passions

The pleasure of words, as we listen, read and write,
Yoga, how it eases us open, with acceptance and a smile,
Bodywork, self-care and healing,
The ocean and our wilderness.

Month four – Celebrate life

With bright flowers in every room, and chocolate in my pockets,
I’d plant seeds with my thoughts, and speak budding words,
Sprouting a garden of colour that inspires others to flourish.

Month five – Honour our moon

I’d take your hand and we’d run with the tides,
Feeling the buoyancy that comes with full moon high,
And those kinks that accompany dark moon low,
Nature’s exquisite feminine.

Month six – Seasonal joy

Devouring kilos of asparagus and fields of Jersey Royals,
Rolling brazenly in freshly cut meadow grass, with you,
Sneezing, red-eyed and giggling as the pollen rich dusk eases into night.

Month seven – Big up my birthday

I’d admit that I want everyone to remember,
Breakfast in bed, bubbles at noon, a day of surprises with those I love,
Friends, dancing, an easy pleasure. Most especially for me.

Month eight – Unabashed nakedness

Swimming starkers, sunbathing freely, in the beauty of our bare skin.
Wandering barefoot across town to pick up dinner,
Cooking up a fire, butt naked, letting each and every guard down.

Month nine – Bring out the colour

Rust, bronze, gold, in unexpected places,
Green apples, purple plums, yellow corn, orange pumpkin.
Sunrise sketching its way up from the east,
A serene sunset painting our sleepy minds calm.

Month ten – Bedtime delight

Tucking up with a glass of deep red comfort, stories scattered over the bed,
Snuggling into the softness of chunky blankets with my hottie,
Setting the alarm for 12 hours later.

Month eleven – Kapow!

Time for the big stuff, flashes to remember,
Blazing declarations of love, fabulous fireworks of fidelity,
Spectacularly sincere commitments and boom-time baby making,
Intimacy at its most magnetic and intense.

Month twelve – The grand finale

An effervescent party that honours every soul I know,
Sparkles, laughter, dancing, kisses,
Hugs lasting that little bit too long,
Tenderness, in every sense.
And staying up all night, with you.


This poem is part of a writing project I’ve done with a few friends. The theme is Seasonal Change and the verse of each month is made up of the number of words equal to the days in that month. Sometimes I like a parameter, or two, to spark creativity.



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