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Giving more, and smiling more

Since waking up on 1 January I’ve struggled to find clarity through the fog of the lurgy. It engulfed me like a storm cloud with what seemed like never-ending darkness. But I have found a glimmer of sunshine to dissolve the thunder this week, and it’s knowing that when we focus on giving, we’re happier, healthier and have a darn sight more friends.

Two of my closest buddies have been here for me these last few achey days, and they’re two of the busiest people I know. When they needed to do 1,001 other things they still made time for me, listening to my pathetic sobs as I muddled through a flu fuelled distress. I know they went hungry, sacrificed family time and put a lid on their troubles to help me out.

And now I have breath in my bones again I’ve been thinking about what makes them such beautiful souls. They give. And giving is their motivation for every decision they make. What career should they choose, what sort of Christmas will they have, how could they spend their day off? When my friends think of these things it’s about who can they offer the most to, rarely what’s in it for them.

Okay, so neither of my friends are rich, but they have enough and they’re happy. Their lives burst with colourful friendships, they’re never every ill, and whenever I see, talk or message them, I know they’re smiling.

So, my new year’s resolution? Make decisions a little kinder by thinking about how much I can give. From taking on a job to walking my dog, enjoying a day off to planning a night out – where’s the potential to make someone’s day a little lighter?


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