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I care

I don’t want your life, but still I care
What you think of mine.

I don’t want insomnia, a constant angry frown,
I don’t want that bitterness, to carry about town.

I don’t want my creativity only surfacing in dreams,
I don’t want work colleagues to be my only team.

I don’t want a paycheck to govern how happy I am,
I don’t want friendships confined to my salary band.

I don’t want an executive waistline, tired and creaking bones,
I don’t want relationships exclusive to the phone.

I don’t want to bicker, morning, noon and night,
I don’t want weekends to be, well, just alright.

I don’t want my children to smother the fun of living,
I don’t want a husband that resigns himself to giving.

I don’t want memories to be ruled by the weather,
I don’t want criticism always clouding something better.

I don’t want the pub to be the best of every day,
I don’t want holidays to be my only time for play.

I don’t want a life, mirrored on someone before.
I don’t want the life you want of me,
I want more.

And I want to love you,
Without dreading the time we spend,
Talking, critiquing, crushing
This life I chose to defend.

a conversation

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