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Inspired by a table

I’ve been writing about handsome furniture recently, in particular a table crafted by the team at Young & Norgate.


Axiom, by Young & Norgate

The project was led by writing association 26 which paired 26 writers with 26 designers exhibiting at London Design Fair. Each writer chose a bespoke piece their designer was creating for the event, and wrote a 100 word response. The writing could take any form at all.

I chose to write a poem, and in it I personified a table called Axiom. The poem has recently been published in Fiera, alongside an illustration by Assa Ariyoshi.

Living with Axiom

As a father,
Protective, he gathers his flock,
Providing shelter, without conditions or curfew.
Nurturing character in each of his kind,
He fosters their singular deep-seated beauty.

As a lover,
Entrancing, with subtle stories to share,
Forgiving of upsets, and generous of heart.
Loyal, and handsomely firm to the touch,
He invites his beloved to tarry a while.

As a man,
Dependable, spirited, strong,
Understanding his humble place in the whole.
While truly alive hosting laughter and love,
He stands peacefully still, and happy, alone.

And while Axiom lives,
Memories are etched,
Engrained with a heavy delight.

IMG_4267     IMG_4266


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