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Distilling a day into just one word

IMG_4310Summing up a day with a single word, it’s not easy, but that’s what a friend and I did for the 31 days in January.  A seemingly brilliant idea that bubbled out of an empty bottle of prosecco on Christmas Eve, I think we imagined joyous reflection on the best parts of the day, and a welcome reminder to be less grumpy.


So, how do you record 24 hours in a handful of syllables? Is it best to jot down a word that reflects the very moment we’re writing; would it be more powerful to choose the strongest sensation of the day; and could it be possible to condense the entire day into just one word?  Maybe all of these approaches take us to the same place – a cluster of letters that means something.

My friend and I played around with how we remembered our days, and, looking back, I’m pretty happy with how the month panned out. (Although a little more bold, wild and insatiable would have been nice.)

Would I do it again? Nope. I like words too much, and one simply isn’t enough.

  1. Blessed
  2. Slow
  3. Poorly
  4. Sad
  5. Authoritarian
  6. Engaged
  7. Pivotal
  8. Bright
  9. Loved
  10. Curious
  11. Intelligent
  12. Disenchanted
  13. Connected
  14. Gutsy
  15. Teasy
  16. Thrifty
  17. Riled
  18. Fruitful
  19. Vulnerable
  20. Weary
  21. Committed
  22. Cherished
  23. Peaceful
  24. Roused
  25. Sharpened
  26. Friendly
  27. Alive
  28. Progressive
  29. Industrious
  30. Encouraged
  31. Skippy


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