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26 words a day


1 Sep

Nauseous with exhaustion, I did too much today.
I do this sometimes,
Every bloody day.
Will I ever learn?
Of course not.
Who’d want to?

2 Sep

In a possibly heterosexual way.
Yes, I’m dreaming.
He’s certainly gay, or bisexual, like the others.
Damn him.
But, for now, I’ll dream he’s straight.

3 Sep

I’m waiting to hear the thunder of realisation
When it dawns
That he created the distance between us
Long before I moved away.

4 Sep

Only two years ago
I loved that feeling
Of having pushed beyond my limits
Pulse racing, sweat dripping, determined.
Now, it just makes me feel sick.

5 Sep

A chaotic force
Smashed my Saturday eggs into the corners of the fridge
Threw syrup into the coffee grinder
Hurled a glass onto the kitchen tiles.

6 Sep

No angst today,
No arguing,
No filling each others’ heads with cutting reprimands,
As we fight for the steering wheel.
Yes, today was a good day.

7 Sep

Laughter that echoes.
Water you don’t foot a bill for.
Bare feet, matted hair.
People that say – come join us.
The life of a coastal gypsy.

8 Sep

Everything was stolen last night.
Voices said – be more careful.
But it’s only stuff, I dreamt,
I’ll take care of my daughter, when she comes.

9 Sep

Listen, muse, research, write
Develop words with punch.
Share with others, and,
Observe the bloody massacre.
Collect severed limbs and organs.
Try like hell to resuscitate.

10 Sep

Unfamiliar panic found her this afternoon.
She took a walk
To slow her heartbeat
Stop the tingling
Cool her sweaty palms.
She breathed some, and laughed.

11 Sep

From the moment I woke, I wanted to sleep.
After two coffees, I played at closing my eyes.
But I battled through, it was Monday.

12 Sep

As water edged up skin,
Face landed on the ocean,
Arms found their stroke,
Mind settled on breath,
A shivering heartbeat was distracted, and I swam.

13 Sep

My flat battery makes a feeble effort to engage, pathetic in its stuttering.
I try a downhill start, it doesn’t last.
Help me find a jumplead.

14 Sep

Skin loosely hanging off wiry triceps,
Sporadic, unreasonable moments of intolerance
Veins you needs a four wheel drive to navigate.
There’s no denying my age.

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