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14 Moments to Love

February fills me with the love bug, so every day in the lead up to Valentine’s Day I wrote about something that touched me. I tell you, it was a challenge to choose just one from each day.

1 Feb

Two tiny hands wrap themselves around an enormous piece of fruit. Eyes focused, jaws wide open, he goes in for the crunch. A child eating an apple makes my heart melt, every single time.

2 Feb

An unexpected connection. You meet a friend and their significant other, spend the day ignoring your buddy and set the world to rights with his gal.

3 Feb

The shared effort of giving it your all at the end of a training session. 90 minutes in, and fading, but still upbeat enough to banter before the final sprint.

4 Feb

Surprising yourself with knowledge you didn’t know you had. Chinese political history – hell, it was buried deep, but it was there.

5 Feb

Leaky tap of a forehead, bubbling geyser on the upper lip, heavy condensation in the cleavage. The simple pleasure of sweat.

6 Feb

Making someone else’s day that little bit richer, unconsciously. And them reaching out to connect again.

7 Feb

The physicality of friendship. Unconsidered brushes and bumps that need no explanation.

8 Feb

Sustaining a peaceful state of mind in a shopping mall.

9 Feb

Queuing up things you want to talk about with someone you love, knowing you’ll never, ever, run out of conversation.

10 Feb

When the person you’re talking to looks at you intensely, eyes journeying into your brain, and nods as if your words are 24 karat gold.

11 Feb

Being able to take the stress out of someone’s day, by doing things that really help.

12 Feb

When a person picks you up better than any drug can, and puts the energy back into your soul.

13 Feb

A bed with a view of the jungle.

14 Feb

A warm ocean dancing over my skin, and the knowledge of Mum and Dad being on the shore.

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