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Changing the if

The world was deafening “Here” it called, “There” it bellowed, “Where?” I cried. And, so, I travelled. To the United States, And disparate states. Torn, but hopeful. 20 years I explored, But I didn’t find home. Peru was too manana, Ecuador too British, Argentina too… Read More

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Holidaying with a boozer

Naked, I sit on the beach unnoticed, As his eyes dart past the present. Alone, I walk to rockpools. He grunts; ‘I didn’t come here to be active.’ Unhurried, I lose track of time. He clock-watches, apprehensive for gin hour. Curious, I book a trip.… Read More

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Death by marriage

Marble Maiden, You’re cold as a grave, Emotions all but dead. Spirit locked in a crypt, decomposing, Pulse hanging on by a thread. The world you wed May be elegant, But, hell, it’s stolen your soul. You’re barely a stencil of what you were, Forty… Read More