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Holidaying with a boozer

Naked, I sit on the beach unnoticed,
As his eyes dart past the present.

Alone, I walk to rockpools.
He grunts; ‘I didn’t come here to be active.’

Unhurried, I lose track of time.
He clock-watches, apprehensive for gin hour.

Curious, I book a trip.
He declines, anxiously, afraid of breaking routine.

Carefree, I forget about money.
He talks of making more, recklessly.

Interested, I ask questions.
Listless, he clings to the familiar.

Hungry, I feed on papaya.
His body stays bloated, and empty.

Love-struck, I seek out the good.
Needy for elevation, he flattens everyone.

Sleepy, I sink into bed,
As he opens another bottle, and drifts to a place where I can’t touch him.

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A playful story seeker, Pip helps businesses communicate better.

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