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We write with characters, With character we write. One etched in ink, The other drawn in life. Together they weave Into words that we use, Shaping their meaning Like artist, and muse. Playfully jostling, In sync sometimes, They speak through our writing, Doubling its chime.… Read More

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A week of the red stuff

I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is a flagrant mockery of love. But, still, I adore an excuse to get all dewy and drop Shakespeare into casual conversation. In honour of the week, I wrote a 14-word verse each day. Monday I can love the ocean, ardently, Without loving myself. But… Read More

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Inspired by a table

I’ve been writing about handsome furniture recently, in particular a table crafted by the team at Young & Norgate. The project was led by writing association 26 which paired 26 writers with 26 designers exhibiting at London Design Fair. Each writer chose a bespoke piece their designer… Read More

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I care

I don’t want your life, but still I care What you think of mine. I don’t want insomnia, a constant angry frown, I don’t want that bitterness, to carry about town. I don’t want my creativity only surfacing in dreams, I don’t want work colleagues… Read More

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One blind breaks, no bother; Two blinds broken, an inconvenience; Three blinds fall apart, I listen. “Stop shutting out the world, Allow those sunbeams in.” I like feeling the light again.