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The value of things

The evolution of value When I was ten, I valued ice cream over everything else, my parents included. I would sacrifice an afternoon on the beach for the childhood excitement of a Mr Whippy, or a game of tennis with close relatives for a bowl… Read More

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Language, The Australian Way

Australians like to talk, so do I. But, being British, I use a different language and style. I’m learning to love this country’s way of communicating, as I discover the playful opportunities of difference. Honestly, who can resist fooling folk with a prudish demeanour, before… Read More

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Changing the if

The world was deafening “Here” it called, “There” it bellowed, “Where?” I cried. And, so, I travelled. To the United States, And disparate states. Torn, but hopeful. 20 years I explored, But I didn’t find home. Peru was too manana, Ecuador too British, Argentina too… Read More