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Dreams are overrated

Everywhere we turn lies the promise of something better. Smarter ways of earning money, revolutionary models for learning, heart-healing superfoods, treatments that return your skin to how it was when you were two. It’s an outward-looking world we live in, where we’re encouraged to continually… Read More

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Drowning moth

I used to adore that feeling of exhaustion, it made me feel like an athletic goddess. Golden adrenaline and a bloody great smile unquestionably accompanied that well earned evening on the sofa with an enormous plate of food and wind-kissed skin. Then I hit 38,… Read More

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My whole

There’s a home out there, waiting, Where I belong. All of me. I’ll know when I’m there. Love will tingle My every cell. A place where it’s easy To breathe, as is, Spirited. Where the heart takes root, Feeding a solid Earthbeat. Sun heals the… Read More