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What good can I do today?

I’m still reeling from Effective Altruism Global — a recent conference focused on doing the most good we can. The event was one of three international gatherings which discussed how we can take on the world’s biggest challenges, using evidence and reason to guide us. The one… Read More

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Mind your word

I’m in a complicated relationship, it’s with words. I feel a genuine happiness when they’re used well, an appreciation of their beauty, and a lustful longing for more. When they’re used poorly I get all feisty and lose my faith. I think this is why Don Miguel… Read More

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Scottish integrity

I like Edinburgh. The stone, the iron railings, the cobbled streets, the architecture – it’s a world apart from Cornwall. The city has an energy that’s intimate yet cosmopolitan, with friendly bus conductors and a world renowned arts and literary festival. A disproportionately large percentage… Read More

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A photo

I wanted to be in it They teased me I’m in the background Jumping in Unwanted ‘And me’ Became my nickname My nickname ‘And me’ They laughed I cried A stabbing symbol Of my place On the ladder My place An unvisited Suburbia There Very… Read More

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Challenging tradition

Christmas cake or passion fruit pavlova, mulled wine or Pom-Pom cocktails, tinsel or hand knitted baubles? Timbatree tends towards the latter, loving the unconventional choice. That’s why they’ve designed and built an alternative tree that will bring a little touch of style to Christmas, and last… Read More