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How’s your day?

He asks in a text. “Well, this morning I woke in the room I know better than any other washed out carpet, once a pastel blue, now a mix of ink and mud patches that creak on tiptoes, ceramic knob that chinks bold camelia in… Read More

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Changing the if

The world was deafening “Here” it called, “There” it bellowed, “Where?” I cried. And, so, I travelled. To the United States, And disparate states. Torn, but hopeful. 20 years I explored, But I didn’t find home. Peru was too manana, Ecuador too British, Argentina too… Read More

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She’s a bunch of freshly picked cornflowers, Thrown into a thick-cut glass jug, As beautifully wild as the students In that skinny blue house on Wellington St. And when the petals fall, she’s the resilient stalk, Holding on in a sterile maternity ward, Stubborn, industrious,… Read More

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The friend I haven’t yet met

We’ll be soaring high over Melbourne, a curious twinkle in our eyes, Confident of our bounty, open to surprise. I’ll love the inner city – its smoky skyline, noisy quiet, Be staying up past nine, and on a meaty diet. You’ll have fallen for the ocean, with… Read More

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26 words a day

1 Sep Nauseous with exhaustion, I did too much today. I do this sometimes, Often, Every bloody day. Will I ever learn? Of course not. Who’d want to? 2 Sep Attractive, In a possibly heterosexual way. Yes, I’m dreaming. He’s certainly gay, or bisexual, like the others.… Read More

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We write with characters, With character we write. One etched in ink, The other drawn in life. Together they weave Into words that we use, Shaping their meaning Like artist, and muse. Playfully jostling, In sync sometimes, They speak through our writing, Doubling its chime.… Read More