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A week of the red stuff

I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is a flagrant mockery of love. But, still, I adore an excuse to get all dewy and drop Shakespeare into casual conversation. In honour of the week, I wrote a 14-word verse each day. Monday I can love the ocean, ardently, Without loving myself. But… Read More

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Inspired by a table

I’ve been writing about handsome furniture recently, in particular a table crafted by the team at Young & Norgate. The project was led by writing association 26 which paired 26 writers with 26 designers exhibiting at London Design Fair. Each writer chose a bespoke piece their designer… Read More

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I care

I don’t want your life, but still I care What you think of mine. I don’t want insomnia, a constant angry frown, I don’t want that bitterness, to carry about town. I don’t want my creativity only surfacing in dreams, I don’t want work colleagues… Read More

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One blind breaks, no bother; Two blinds broken, an inconvenience; Three blinds fall apart, I listen. “Stop shutting out the world, Allow those sunbeams in.” I like feeling the light again.  

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Heart storm

Walking through my very own spring meadow, In wintertime. More buds than blades, Blossom richer than ’76. A verdant softness wraps me up with a smile, As I bounce barefoot. Hello? A colourful lightness breezes by, Chased by screaming cymbals, and thunderous drum. You’re not welcome.… Read More

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Sculpting with an angel

This is a poem is inspired by the Spanish sculptor Alberto Germán. I had the joy of meeting him on a recent Dark Angels writing course in Andalucía, and he shared his creative process. He described the feeling of losing himself whilst sculpting, the complete… Read More