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The value of things

The evolution of value When I was ten, I valued ice cream over everything else, my parents included. I would sacrifice an afternoon on the beach for the childhood excitement of a Mr Whippy, or a game of tennis with close relatives for a bowl… Read More

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Language, The Australian Way

Australians like to talk, so do I. But, being British, I use a different language and style. I’m learning to love this country’s way of communicating, as I discover the playful opportunities of difference. Honestly, who can resist fooling folk with a prudish demeanour, before… Read More

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Changing the if

The world was deafening “Here” it called, “There” it bellowed, “Where?” I cried. And, so, I travelled. To the United States, And disparate states. Torn, but hopeful. 20 years I explored, But I didn’t find home. Peru was too manana, Ecuador too British, Argentina too… Read More

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No. No. Absolutely not.

The Yes Game may be the thing to do but, quite frankly, it’s exhausting. And, much of the time, it goes against what feels right. Last year taught me a huge amount, as I transitioned from working as a freelancer, living in a quiet Cornish town,… Read More