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Craving Mum

Why is it that I crave Mum whenever I feel ill? Those viruses that knock you sideways, and chain you to your bed, willing but unable to move. Those are the times when I think – if my Mum were by my side, everything would… Read More

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26 words a day

1 Sep Nauseous with exhaustion, I did too much today. I do this sometimes, Often, Every bloody day. Will I ever learn? Of course not. Who’d want to? 2 Sep Attractive, In a possibly heterosexual way. Yes, I’m dreaming. He’s certainly gay, or bisexual, like the others.… Read More

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What good can I do today?

I’m still reeling from Effective Altruism Global — a recent conference focused on doing the most good we can. The event was one of three international gatherings which discussed how we can take on the world’s biggest challenges, using evidence and reason to guide us. The one… Read More

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Hello Melbourne

Today, for the first time since I arrived in Melbourne, I’ve taken a step back to breathe. Day twelve of a new beginning, knowing nothing and no-one, hundreds of thousands of miles from my Mum. And I love it. I live in a warehouse and… Read More

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A week of the red stuff

I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is a flagrant mockery of love. But, still, I adore an excuse to get all dewy and drop Shakespeare into casual conversation. In honour of the week, I wrote a 14-word verse each day. Monday I can love the ocean, ardently, Without loving myself. But… Read More