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Looking for space

There’s this thing that’s been playing with my mind for a few months now, cropping up at unexpected times, in the most unusual places. And the more it teases me the more I notice how it permeates everything. This thing is space. Last month I… Read More

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Love without language

I’m submerged deep in the Italian south right now, relishing in the delightful nature of the Salento people. Every day I try that little bit harder to speak their language, and every day I’m reminded of the insignificance of words. Oh yes, and I’m a… Read More

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Falling for a dragon

If Naples were an animal, she’d be a dragon. That mythical creature so often portrayed as a gentle soul, but, in reality, one hell of a dangerous force. A fire blowing fury of a city. Arrivederci, Puff, this Italian baby don’t smoke gently. I’ve smouldered… Read More

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Sensing the elements

Listen for the space in your heart Hear the freedom of your soul Notice the cricks in your spine Feel the gaps around your toe. Listen for the echoes in your life Hear the empty of the day Open your ears to the moment And the… Read More